Julie Auch

South Dakota State Representative

Tracey Barton

Executive Director, Kansas Natural Resource Coalition

Karen Budd-Falen

Former Solicitor, DOI

Ben Burr

Executive Director, Blue Ribbon Coalition

Ross Butcher

Chairman Fergus County, Montana

Dan Byfield

CEO, American Stewards of Liberty

Margaret Byfield

Executive Director, American Stewards of Liberty

Brad Cameron

Owner Metric Media, The Federal Newswire

Bonner Cohen

Senior Fellow, CFACT & National Center for Public Policy

Sandra Dean

Western Oklahoma Patriots, Rancher

Tom DeWeese

Founder and President of the American Policy Center

Bill Dolbow

Consultant, CSG Action

Taylor Gage

Director of Communications for Congressman Mike Flood (R-NE)

Kelley Goss

New Mexico Rancher

Rob Gordon

Former Senior Advisor at USGS

Gabriella Hoffman

Media Strategist and Award-Winning Outdoor Writer

Ken Ivory

Utah State Representative

Dean Jackson

Chairman, Lea County, New Mexico

Tom Jankovsky

Commissioner, Garfield County, New Mexico

Vicki Marquardt

Chairman, Otero County, New Mexico

Elizabeth Nickson

Canadian Writer, Author, "Eco-Fascists"

Craig Rucker

Founder & President, Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT)

Bill Williams

County Manager, Chaves County, New Mexico